Ditto Eeveelutions Preorder

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★Product details★

This is a preorder! Estimated arrival: late Aug/early Sept 2019
If ordering multiple items, all items will be sent only when the preorder is ready

Eevee: 37mm x 29.3mm
Vaporeon: 37mm x 39.7mm
Flareon: 37mm x 33.3mm
Jolteon: 37mm x 33.6mm
Espeon: 36.5mm x 38.5mm
Umbreon: 36mm x 35.2mm
Leafeon: 36mm x 34.5mm
Glaceon: 37mm x 35.8mm
Sylveon: 38.5mm x 33.7mm

Hard enamel pin with gold coloured plating
Logo on back with rubber pin posts
Comes with backing card

With preorder listings there is a possibility that the actual pin will differ in appearance to the artwork image.
Complications may also occur where pins may be delayed and posted later than the estimated date.
Please bear this in mind when purchasing a preorder.