✦ Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Mask Skintone ✦

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This batch of stained glass pins were produced by a new manufacturer, so it will appear different compared to the stained glass pins from previous batches

Please note that due to the nature of pin production, no pin is 100% perfect.
They have all been sorted into quality grades:

Super: The best-looking pins of the batch, may still have the odd speck/bubble but they are minimal

Standard: Average quality in the batch, will likely have a little speck/bubble somewhere which is why they are not Super, but would still look good on display

Seconds: Pins with more noticeable flaws, multiple or larger specks/bubbles 

The most common issue with most pins is a tiny speck/bubble somewhere inside the stained glass enamel 

**I recommend opting for tracked shipping**

★Pin details★
Gold Coloured Plating
3 pin posts at the back with logo
76.2 mm (3 inches) tall
Transparent enamel background with hard enamel characters