✦ Sakura & Syaoran Skintone ✦

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An enamel pin with a stained glass effect!
This pin features Sakura and Syaoran from Cardcaptor Sakura.

Each pin has unique flaws and are hence photographed and listed individually. Please look very closely at the images before selecting the pin you want. They are sorted by relative quality, with 'A' being the best of that particular batch. The common issues in this series are uneven plating and marks. 

This design was produced by the original manufacturer but the quality of this particular batch was not so good in my opinion, so please pay close attention to the photos!

★Pin details★
Gold Coloured Plating
3 pin posts at the back with logo
90 mm (3.5 inches) tall
Transparent enamel background with hard enamel characters